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I am an engineer by training and that has surely helped me in developing my analytical thinkingDSC02064; this ability has also been helping me in my professional life as it allows me to focus for long period while I am trying to solve complex business issue. Contrary to my training, in my personal world my mind is a nomad and doesn’t stay fixated on anything for long and constantly wanders around to understand and sense this world from different perspectives.

I have a deep sense of intellectual curiosity and this drives me to continually explore and learn about new things that I haven’t been exposed to. To satiate this need, among several things that I do, one is to voraciously read about anything new and fascinating, I come across. Reading is my gateway to self-education and books are my biggest friends in the true literal sense. Psychology, History, Finance, Economics, Civilization, and Communications – the list of subjects that I am attempting to learn is ever-growing.

History and architecture fascinate me immensely. I read a lot about various world histories and then travel to the theatres of real action where these histories were once made. Being able to connect the written and physical worlds helps me better relate to the history and cement it in my mind. I am equally drawn to all forms of Art and Culture whether it is Theatre, Dance, Music, Painting, or other kinds of visual Arts. These unique forms of human expressions from around the world provide me valuable insights into the inner worlds of the various cultures and societies further helping me build my understanding and appreciation of this world.

The working of the human brain has intrigued generations and I am no exception. While I don’t desire to be a psychologist, a fair amount of my time is spent trying to unravel some of the mystery around human ways of thinking. I am keenly interested in understanding the human behaviour and how under exactly similar situation two individuals might act entirely different, making any behavioural prediction and broad categorization or generalization of human response nearly impossible. I am sure there is some pattern which I hope to discover one day, till then my quest to broaden my understanding continues.

Of course learning without sharing, in my mind, is a disservice to humanity and so I intend to always freely share whatever I learn in the course of my explorations. To do this successfully, I will not only continue to write and share it through my blog but also do so through various other forums and platforms, and let all enjoy the fruits of my acquired knowledge. Learning is a never-ending journey and I want to remain forever in awe. I will eagerly continue to make efforts in discovering all that this world has to offer. In the process, I hope to pick up a small portion of the huge wealth of knowledge gifted to humanity and gain a bit of wisdom.

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